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Nano4Eco is a strongly customer-oriented material engineering start-up aiming to contribute in cutting edge nanotechnology for self-sustaining and healthy environment. The company is developing nanotechnology products, starting from nanopowders. The main goal is to commercialize essential products fabricated by smart but uncomplicated technologies, but also to support others who share our goals. The idea to implement and commercialize the most important inventions is fully supported in our company. Therefore, commercial activity is carried out in following areas:

  1. R&D for the production of nano powders the most important for modern ecologic society
  2. Commercial service applying research tools available for R&D
  3. Distribution of laboratory equipment

Why Nano

Nanotechnology is the recent discipline of science with still remarkable perspective for development. Our modern society desires long, luxurious life with the best possible medical care, mobile energy, fast transport, smart self-sustainable devices living in ecologic environment All those factors create a great challenge for R&D companies. Some of them require miniaturization of devices for the in situ processes. Thus, reducing the size of ordinary devices requires also unique components, with minimize dimensions respectively, but sometimes physics works different in various scales. Both macro and micro scale have been already well explored however, “there is still plenty of room at the bottom”, as one of the brilliant physicists, prof. Feynman said. Therefore, working with materials science “at the bottom” is our challenge which we undertake.

Why Eco

Considering the great number of people in the Universe our lifestyle matters. If everyone obeys basic rules global pollution can be significantly reduced. However, sometimes just following some principles is not sufficient. If any aspects of life can be improved with great benefits for environment such improvement should be with high position in the priority list of topics for engineers. An environment is the legacy from parents, but it is something what we borrow from our children.


Research & Development

The main goal of the company is to contribute in nanotechnology for modern, open-minded, self-sustaining society. Research and development is carried out to produce metal oxides, spinels or phosphates for industrial application. More details will be provided in the nearest future.

Commercial Measurements

Our company knows how hard it is to start from scratch. Therefore, we are trying to support those who wish to carry on a necessary research but have difficulties to invest in own equipment. For them we can offer an commercial measurements using the equipment we possess and utilize for our R&D process. For more details, please contact us by e-mail or call.

Distribution of Equipment

Following equipment is available:

  • fume hoods
  • water purification systems
  • pH and conductivity meters
  • analytical high precision balances
  • pegboards
  • pipette pump
  • eye wash
  • emergency showers
  • laboratory sinks
  • balance benches
  • faucets
  • vacuum desiccators


The R&D process focuses on the compounds with the most technological importance, such as metal oxides, oxynitrides, or phosphates. Nowadays, nanomaterials are hardly ever used due to the high cost of production and limited amount on the market. Thus, cost-effective materials have much better perspective for wide commercialization.

Commercial service

The main goal of the company is to make essential progress in nanotechnology, however we wish to support others who wish the same, but have limited access to necessary equipment. Thus, professional equipment used by Nano4Eco is also available for commercial use. Those customers who wish to perform an extra tests with no investment in own equipment or need just temporarily a supplementary device are welcome to contact the company and discuss the conditions of access to experimental results using our equipment.

Distribution of laboratory equipment

We wish to support those who also contribute in experimental material science and development of modern society. Thus, we distribute some equipment and accessories commonly use in chemical laboratory, not limited to fume hoods, balances, stirrers, safety showers, pH meters.

All those activities are carried out in the Chemical Park Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) which is one of the oldest chemical centers in Germany. Every customer is getting particular attention and the best possible service. The goal of the company is to promote nano-materials in technical and technological applications, mostly those focused on energy and supporting medicine.


  1. September 7-9 Kraków, Participation in IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit, held at (540) 918-0097, Kraków, Poland
  2. June 20th 2017 Registration of the company in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, with the Headquarters in ChemiePark, Areal A, Wolfen, 06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany.
  3. February 2016-October 2016 Participation to Girls-Go Start Academy Program, in Poland, Warsaw, organizers: Perspektywy Foundation, Start-up Poland, and others.

Contact Us


You can find us in Chemiepark Wolfen, on Liebigstraße 3a, 06866 Bitterfeld-Wolfen.